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Some categories may lack content but, with time, they will get some.

In Statu Nascendi

Travel: Peru

We went to Peru almost two years ago but never made any pictures from that trip available. That needs to change :)


Still need to write up Catalina Island landing

Catalina approach, landing, lunch and tour requires at least one, if not two articles. Once I figure out how to post them, I will :)


About Miro

So you want to know more about Miro?

Read on ...

What does THAT mean?

In statu nascendi is Latin for "under construction". Means: stay tuned, I am working on this.

Publishing Disclaimer

The fact that some new content got published here does not mean more content will appear in the future. Better not to get your hopes high.

This Is A Free Blog

In case you are on tight budget, this website is absolutely free to read. Feel free to browse any time. There will be no commercials, paywalls, ads, downloads or any other crapware here. I will also do my best to prevent the spread of any malware. Pinky promise.
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